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We, Zigma Corporation Pvt Ltd are counted as one of the best LDPE Tarpaulin Suppliers in Kolkata. Zigma offers you high quality LDPE Tarpaulins using rich quality raw materials, sourced from the most trusted vendors. Our factory is located in Howrah, West Bengal.

We are capable of supplying, trading, wholesaling LDPE Tarpaulin. Our products USP are Puncture resistance, Low coefficient of thermal expansion, Non-toxic and Ageing and weathering.

Tarpaulin is mainly used for fighting against from wind, rain, and sunlight. They are also used during construction or from protecting after disasters or damaged structures. Also useful in marketing purposes like advertisement printing, most notably for billboards.

Tarpaulin flexibility is especially significant under cold conditions Tarpaulin are mainly divided in 4 types differentiating on the basis of diversity factors, thickness/width, and mainly on material type like polyethylene, canvas, vinyl and silnylon. These four types are of great use for any domestic and industrial purposes.


The range of products is available in a wide assortment of Polythene Sheets & Tubes of various thickness and sizes, as well as Double Colored Polythene Sheets. The LDPE Polythene Sheets are manufactured using superior raw material and the most advanced machinery.

LDPE means Low-Density Polyethylene . Our LDPE sheets are made from the best re processed polymer granules. Strength , shine , flexibility and longevity is our USP

Products's USP

  1. Flexibility
  2. Puncture Resistance
  3. Deformability, Conformability to the soil
  4. Weldability, Slam ability
  5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  6. Critical friction angle
  7. Ageing and weathering
  8. Inert material
  9. Non-toxic


  1. Agricultural Industry
  2. Lining of canals, distributaries, reservoirs and ponds
  3. Lining of industrial effluent plants dunnage
  4. Tunnels and trenches
  5. Packaging
  6. Waterproofing
  7. Emergency shelter houses during natural calamities
  8. For covering grains, fertilizers, cotton, chemicals, cement etc.
  9. Aprons and runways at airports
  10. Sports stadiums
  11. Salt pans

Types of Tarpaulin

  • Polyethylene
    Polyethylene is a sheet material but not a traditional fabric. The center is loosely woven from strips of polyethylene material plastic with bonded to the surface.
    This sheet has two categories: low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE). This tarpaulins can last for 2 years when treated against UV rays. Polyethylene is usually a mixture of similar polymers of ethylene. It is mainly used for making packaging like bags, bottles, films, containers. We are a reliable supplier of LDPE tarpaulin in India.
  • Canvas
    This is an extremely durable plain-woven fabric used for making tents, marquees, backpacks, handbags, electronic device cases, and shoes. material for oil painting, replacing wooden panels
  • Vinyl
    It is mainly used for making agriculture, construction, industrial, trucks, flood barrier and temporary roof repair.
  • Silnylon
    It is mainly used for making lightweight outdoor gear. It is used in the manufacture of backpacks, tarps and tarp tents, bags.

LDPE (low density polyethylene) has most long- and short-chain branching of any form of polyethyene, which results for lower density. The branching keeps the molecular chains from packing tightly in its crystaline form, even though it has less strength but strong ductility. It is mainly used for making plastic bottles, buckets and bowls to one like plastic grocery bags and plastic cling-wrap. Also used for making cereal packaging bags.

HDPE, has higher density less branching means those nicely linear molecules pack together well during crystallization, making HDPE much dense. It is used for making milk and detergent jugs, garbage cans, water pipes and toys.

LDPE has a density has a density of 0.91-0.94 g/cm3. It is the oldest and most mature of the polyethylene. It has some unique features like: Temperature resistance is up to 80°C for shorter times. It has low cost polymer with good process ability, High impact strength at low temperature, excellent electrical insulating properties, very low water absorption, and transparent in thin film form.

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