Building dreams since 2008

In 2008, we embarked on making our dreams come true, thus creating Zigma CorporationS; a one of a kind supplier of Yarn, Fashion accessories and Embroidery. Though we started off in a humble office of just 550 square feet of space, our dedication, hard work, honesty and professionalism has taken us to great heights and earned us goodwill in this industry.

We have a network of dealers all across the country and deal with all kinds of yarns like Viscose (artificial silk), Polyester, Metallic ....

In TheSpotlight

Viscose Yarn (Artificial Silk Yarn)

Viscose Yarn, also known as Rayon, is a semi-synthetic fiber. These are made in Deniers of 120/2 and 150/2.

Polyester Yarn

Polyester Yarn is made from synthetic Polymer. It is made in Denier of 120/2.

Acrylic Yarn (Wool Look Yarn)

Wool-look, also known as Acrylic Yarn, has a hairy texture and has long fibers sticking out of it. It is manufactured by a very unique spinning technique of twisting fibers together.

Our Vision

To build the Zigma family on strong moral and ethical foundations.

Our Mission

Committed to client satisfaction.